Quality from Berlin.


We, the adequapharm GmbH, were founded in Berlin in 2014. Our products – cheaper, parallel imported EU pharmaceuticals and medical products – are sold through the full-range pharmaceutical wholesalers in Germany and Austria. In doing so, we are fulfilling an important task in the health system, not only by helping to reduce health costs, but also as a market participant who helps to ensure that the population is supplied.

What distinguishes us :



High quality appearance and maximum security

adequapharm only purchases from the largest exporters and keeps the supply chain short and secure. When it comes to outer packaging, we value quality and aesthetics. Experienced graphic designers create close to the design of the original, and the package inserts have a uniform appearance.


Experienced partner


adequapharm only works with experienced service providers. This concerns the repackaging and market release, the warehouse logistics, but also the GDP-compliant transport as well as our extensive, very efficient quality management. This use of specialists ensures maximum safety and first-class quality

Constantly growing, attractive range


In its capacity as a pharmaceutical company, adequapharm not only offers high-quality, prescription drugs, but also a wide range of medical products. The EU Falsified FMD Medicines Directive and the Medical Device Regulation MDR were implemented at an early stage.



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